January 01, 2007

Sparknotes straight to mobile

HowtoIf your kid called you up in the middle of an exam and asked for help would you be annoyed?

I certainly would be, especially when they could have been using their mobile phone to access the information direct.

As a teacher of English in France I knew many students used Spark Notes to work out what on earth Shakespeare was all about. While having a gander I was intrigued to see that they've got a mobile MMS service, SparkMobile. If you have a MMS-enabled phone you can send a quick question to the email address provided and, using their search engine, they will send you back study notes on the theme for free. All you pay for, if you pay for it, is the MMS message.


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This is a great thing for students who don't have Internet access but perhaps have a cell phone with unlimited text messaging, they can work on their term paper research via cell phone. It would be really great for all of us to compile a list of technologies that can be used via cell phone - perhaps that will be a wiki for me next week. Great idea!

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