February 21, 2007

Bandwagon - online backup of your iTunes account

  Bandwagon is up! 
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Having lost several computers this past year, none my own fault I hasten to add, I've twice nearly lost all my music from iTunes. Once downloaded you can't get your purchased music back unless you raid your iPod (illegally) and suck it off.

Cue Bandwagon, which launches tomorrow. It'll provide that online backup of iTunes that Flickr provides for photos.

This pay-for service launches tomorrow, but I've already got great feelings about. Jump on the Bandwagon now! And if you're a blogger, get a year's free subscription.


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OK OK I'm sorry!!

OK OK I'm sorry!!

Gosh, no! I was talking about the other three Macs that have just popped their clogs of their own accord. No jibe intended :-)

How does bandwagon work for my flickr account?

I should have put a link into the post, but I was referring to Flickr Backup:


Great wee tool and FREE for doing that.

Hi Ewan,

I'm sorry too for the misunderstanding. Just tell me now how does this Banwagon work for my ipod.

You can backup your ipod with our service simply by letting you computer see your IPOD as an attached device. It will encrypt and store in same directory structure as on the IPOD

Online Backup

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