February 16, 2007

Computer Education Society of Ireland

 I've had a cracking if incredibly work-heavy time in Dublin this past 24 hours. I'm just about to head off on the plane but wanted to leave some quick links to the parts of the talk. The podcast will take some time to edit down.

1. Why people react in funny ways to innovation and creativity
2. Five things that make innovation and creativity through social media a good thing in the classroom
3. Five things to look out for when you are going about innovating in the classroom

I haven't covered all the points I want to, for sure. It's a varied topic on which I could go into ridiculous detail. However, over the next week I'll be thinking about what we've done more specifically in East Lothian to get some degree of relative success in integrating new technologies to many of our classrooms. I'll also be considering some of the drawbacks when, as Heppell mentions in his innovation cycle, national education agencies want to harness things quickly, "to catch the wave". It can be a Good Thing, but how do we convince those who maybe don't share our passions not only that it is a Good Thing but also that it's an Even Better Thing when done in a particular way?


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Thanks for an on-the-mark and enjoyable keynote. Gave us lots to think about.
On the question (above) of Good Thing / Even Better Thing, perhaps the answer is in the comment you make about searching out indications of some degree of success in integrating new technologies into the classroom and then showing others...

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