February 24, 2007

Oscar Stringer coming up today on edu.blogs.com

After recording some nice short segments with Stephen Heppell yesterday I'll be grabbing Oscar Stringer later on to talk about how he sees animation fitting into our less-than-Heppell-like timetables and classrooms. How can a teacher with the constraints of the 40-minute period and meaningless high-stakes assessment find the courage to get animated?

322145357_17b0b001ce This conference has so far been great, meeting lots of old friends and seeing some new projects using the very technologies we've been showcasing in the past two or three years of eTwinning workshops. If you like, I've been able to see the impact of those sessions on blogging and podcasting - they do have some effect! ;-)

I've also had a lovely birthday. Yes, border control do read passports and can sometimes smile to wish you a nice day when they notice the dates match up. And thanks, too, to the nice guys at Bar Manneken who made sure my glass wasn't empty of Kwak (pictured). Manneken Pis is actually this - going to a bar named after a peeing boy was a first for me but jolly good it was.


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You will get lots of good sense from Oscar. He has been working with us for a while now. He'll be back at the end of March to do a couple of digital video workshops.

Oh, and happy birthday!

I'm sure the Kwak didn't let you down ;) Happy Birthday!

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