February 12, 2007

Scottish Learning Festival: got a seminar in you?

We're looking for some seminar propositions for the Scottish Learning Festival 2007. This is the biggest educational conference in Scotland with over 6000 people through the doors and arguably one of the best seminar line-ups you'll get at such a conference.

Martin Jack's Think Different Events are organising the seminar side of things and he has a fairly tight deadline to get as broad a selection of seminars as possible. Despite new technologies being the most important thing to happen in Scottish education this past year (only kidding ;-) we are looking for seminars on practice which cover as wide an educational base as possible. I've always thought that projects involving new technologies hit many of the areas we look for in the successful classroom, but the emphasis should be clear in your seminar title and description: what's in it beyond the tech? Let Martin know of your ideas asap.

(btw: it seems that this is the first post on SETT The Scottish Learning Festival this year - what tag should we be using? ScotLearnFest07? LearnFest07? I've asked colleagues at LTS for their opinions, too. The tag will be announced after suggestions from the floor!)

Update: ScotLearnFest07 is the most recognisable in Technorati and Google results (i.e. no-one uses it at the moment). Happy tagging!


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