February 19, 2007

Yugma: free web conferencing, forever, for Windows and Mac

Yugma Yugma's strapline says it all: free web conferencing, forever, anytime, anywhere, Windows and Mac. It's a beautiful web-based tool for video conferencing, the kind of thing that doesn't need an install from your school IT Technician. It took about a minute to open up, register and get going. Brilliantly clear, with the option to share your desktop (so you can draw, write, illustrate) and a nice set of annotation tools to 'point' out what you're talking about.

It's another example of the web platform becoming the free web platform. If you want it, you really can get it for free. Now, all I need is someone in a school with whom I can try it out.


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Um - I had a look at this a while back and I don't think you get everything in the free service. For example, you have to be on a pay service if you want to save sessions. And I'm not sure you can video conference with Yugma. So I'd recommend some caution.


Hi Ewan
I would be happy to help try it out. Back to school next week. I could do it Thursday or Friday. (Year 6 class)
What do you think?

No caution needed here. I just checked it out and it was really easy, fast, and looks to be very useful. Sure, if you want all the premium features turned on you'll have to pay something (just like with skype). But even then, the price is pretty cheap.... Bottom line is, I think the basic free service has what most people need for everyday use.

Yugma is great. We use it all the time over at the Webcast Academy as people are trying to learn how to produce a live show. This way they can see someone's screen and ask questions, then show their screen while we try to isolate problems.

Have any ideas on how to use it across schools? I am always in for an experiment with my students at the helm...

Thanks for the news. I guess i will cover the story on my VOIP Guide blog.


Interesting news. If you have any questions or you'd like more information, feel free to contact me. And thank you very much for your consideration!

Thanks for free service to video conferencing.

That's really a smart and quick sloution for video conferencing, without much efforts and time.

thank for letting me know the free video conferencing.
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