March 04, 2007

BarCampScotland over - just wished I had seen more!

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Well, I think we had a jolly good BarCampScotland No.1. The feedback from some of the 120-odd who came has been incredibly positive, the number of new friends and partnerships between companies blossoming and the discovery of the (quite large) scale of Scotland's social media business revealed for the first time. There'll be no more need to get speakers from 'down south' for tech conferences with some of the cool innovation going on up here.

But I managed to miss so much. There were about 10 hours of presentations and I saw a tony fraction of that as I juggled new friends, old friends, family coming up to see what madness we had hatched... The environment turns perfectly normal, sane and normally calm individuals into ADHD affected twitching geeks. There was so much stimulation around the large hall space and then in the Room Upstairs and Main Hall that I found my attention span greatly reduced.

Two main highlights for me: Revish, the book review microformatted sharing tool whose mantras for creating startups made me smile, and getting a chance to really explore Alan Coady's online multimedia music library for those wanting to learn guitar. It's come on so much since I looked at it in its early incarnations (the trouble, I guess, with reading the blog part through a feedreader is that you don't see the rest of his amazing site).

I hope that the presentations can be put online by those who were present, as mini websites, PowerPoints or PDFs - just put a link on the BarCampScotland wiki. I hope our BarCamp mummy and daddy are happy for us ;-)


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Thanks for the mention, Ewan and for the opportunity to take part. More partcularly, thanks for agreeing to be my third hand by navigating through the pages for me.

Unfortunately I was away and missed the whole thing. Hopefully it was a great success and there will be a BarCampScotland 2008!

It was a great start Ewan, excellent job in making it happen. Thanks for the plug too, I'll have my slides online soon.

Thanks for organising this Ewan. Inspirational ie look out for an invite to travel south whenever I pluck up the courage to do a Sheffield event! In the meantime I have a podcast etc at:

Really sorry I missed it - have had the dreaded winter lurgy for a week now ... Hope to find out what has been happening - will be looking out for podcasts etc on various blogs!

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