March 11, 2007

DayZLoop: Enterprising, creative social networking for girls

Dayzloop We often worry about providing good role models for our teenage kids. For girls, I think DayZLoop provides a great, healthy online community where they can explore some serious and not-so-serious issues.

DayZLoop combines Habbo Hotel type social spaces with Bebo profiling, but best of all is its basis in online television shows which cover inspirational teen role models, teen reporters covering issues such as anorexia or how to make some great food for your next sleepover (OK, their next sleepover).

There are plenty of examples, too, of where girls have taken a hobby and turned it into a cottage industry, whether it's interior design for their friends' bedrooms or bespoke fashion accessories.

Have a look yourself and see whether it's the kind of site you would recommend to your teenage students.


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