March 02, 2007

Edinburgh Coffee Morning and QR Codes

  Mike's exclusive BarCampScotland QR Code 
  Originally uploaded by Edublogger.

I managed to make my pilgrimage to Centotre early this morning for another Edinburgh Coffee Morning where we discussed loads of stuff to do with making websites, BarCampScotland and Quick Response (QR) Codes.

I wrote about these QR codes about nine months ago and explained how, by taking a picture of a print-out code, your mobile device could load a weblink (so that could be a webpage, list of links, MP3 file, video...)

Well, Mike, who wrote up the morning over at his blog, has a new phone that matches some of the software from Shotcode, a semacode company I hadn't heard of until now. He had come prepared with a code for BarCampScotland and, in a snap of his camera, the page was loading on his mobile phone.

You can see a series of pictures of the process over on my Flickr pages.

I think this will be of interest to a lot of educators for the reasons I gave last June but now we might actually be put some of this into real, classroom practice. I know one teacher that has the kit, the enthusiasm and the class to try it out on. I wonder if she would be up for the challenge?


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You guessed right - going to look into it now - Had a thought would it be great to use the video phoning aspect on the mobile...

Nextcode Corp has another code format(mCode) that contains more data then Shotcode and is more easily scanned with current camera optics. Article here:

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