March 10, 2007

Enterprising podcasting for charity

Comic_relief Next Friday I'm away again, in Holland this time, and will be overjoyed gutted to be missing out on the telethon of Comic Relief madness, as people who should just give generously more often throughout the year splurge out on the fact they are able to wear jeans to school, do no work, sit in baths of baked beans and slap custard pies on the Head Teacher's face. But it's all for some great causes, so the madness is alright, I guess.

However, the guys at Montrose Academy under the guidance of too-cool-for-school German teacher Mr Curran have produced a special charity song auf Deutsch, recorded the backing track and sung the vocals with X Factor aplomb. They've podcast it and added a link, too, to their own official Comic Relief fundraising webpage, so that you - yes you - can give generously over the next week.

To be honest, I think it's a great enterprising move on their part. Comments in this case would be nice on their blog, but a small donation might be even nicer.


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Thanks for the advertisement Ewan! I've raised £25 online so far, but we haven't advertised it in school will be in the bulletin tomorrow at school and we will also be making some money offline by selling CDs at break tomorrow and Friday for 50p each.

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