March 26, 2007

Get Connected - Scottish education's ezine

Connected17cover_tcm4407187The latest Connected Magazine, from Scotland's national education agency Learning and Teaching Scotland, is being sent out to schools and is online this week and once more covers a wide array of Web 2.0 technology making a difference in Scottish schools.

There is a great interview with Learning Festival keynoter Stephen Heppell on where he sees innovation in Scottish education and the impact it could have on the rest of the world:

Every cupboard in every classroom has someone in it doing something cool with ICT – some of the best software development in the world is going on there.

Stephen will be spending a few days with East Lothian teachers this June, taking a look at what innovative practice and use of technology has gone on here in the past wee while. It's quite fitting really that one of our own staff is also giving the inside track on how Glow might help enhance her classroom. Tessa Watson is a star Glow blogger, revealing what she sees every day as she plays with the nascent Glow portal in her blog (be prepared for random posts on the beauty of the VW Beetle).

I've also got a bit of new tech reportage on how wikis could be useful for organising learning and learning itself, with ample mention of the self-evolving eduBuzz Training and Support wiki, and a longer opinion piece, Too Cool For School, on what local authorities might be able to do to make life easier for teachers and learners wanting to learn in a 21st Century way.

You can get your download of Connected here or view some of the articles online.


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It's an interesting read! Your post sparked some debate in our staff base - not all of us recognised your description of East Lothian, but then that's typical of the self-deprecating Scots ;)

I think that quantity of pupil writing in blogs is on the up. The proportion of pupil posts on the front page has increased dramatically over the last couple of months.

Hi Ewan, thanks for the mention. I am hoping to get the 'chat' tool in Glow up and running this evening. Watch this space!

See you soon,


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