March 13, 2007

ninemillion - Microsoft will donate to UN Charity for you

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Microsoft are entering the final month of a collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on the campaign where they pay up to the organisation for every search made through a special homepage.

You can support the Click4theCause campaign by conducting an online search through the special Click4TheCause search page. Each time you do this Microsoft will donate money to to help the estimated 9 million refugee children and youth around the world.

I heard about it while I was round having some tea last week with the kindly chaps and chapesses at Shiny Media, who I first met in a dodgy nightclub in Paris at LeWeb3. Less said about that, the better. But it does seem like a good cause which educational bloggers have a particular potential to big up.

If you're a blogger do talk about this for the next month. Blogs could help spread the word about raising as much money as possible before Microsoft's cutoff date of March 31st 2007 by posting about the ‘Click4theCause’ scheme. One suggestion is that some blogs are designating ‘Click4theCause’ days where they encourage readers to search for an entire day with Click4theCause to boost donations.


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Thanks Ewan! It wasn't that dodgy, although the picture makes it look otherwise. Lucky my mum already knows i smoke...

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