March 18, 2007

Seeking bloggers' biogs

One of the problems with the blogosphere is finding out sometimes who it is you are reading. Where do they come from, what's their professional situation, what's their passion and their main areas of expertise?

Part of the new LTS Interact service will be a service which tries to frame the discussions in the blogosphere for complete beginners to this wonderful connected world. We hope it'll encourage more to join the online conversation and lend more weight to what goes on in the space with the decision-makers. To start with, we're looking at Scottish blogs, just to keep things manageable, but we'll probably very quickly start including some of the international conversations (impossible not to).

We'd like to be able to provide some background information on the people behind the blogs and podcasts. To this end, if you want to submit some info about you and your blog it'll help us direct people to the right places. You can do it here, as a comment, by email to me using the link on the top left or you can write an entry for yourself in the ScotEdupedia (if you do this, email the link to me so we know it's there). And if you don't - we'll just have to make something up about you ;-)

Looking forward to learning more about some of my favourite reads, whether they are in Scotland or further afield!


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Ewan, let me be the first to jump in with a bio here (I wasn't too sure where to place it on Scotupedia). If it's too long, feel free to snip away:

Alan Coady has been working as a guitar instructor in East Lothian since 1982. He currently teaches around 110 pupils per week in 50 group or individual lessons. The narrative part of the blog seeks simply to open a window on the instrumental service for interested parties and to connect with colleagues in all subjects across the authority. Other areas deal more specifically with learning and teaching and are aimed at pupils and parents. These include: play-along midi files of ensemble pieces; mp3s of pupils performances; dates for your diary; a guide to home practice; recommended performances on YouTube; recommended websites; glossary of technical terms and concepts etc.

Outside school, Alan is active as a performer – notably with the Edinburgh Guitar Quartet – details on

I've used this as an excuse to make my first entry for ScotEduPedia. or anyone else wishing to do the same, all you need to do is go to the URL address bar of the main page (the bit that says:

Delete the 'Main_Page' bit and type your name instead... et voila! A new wiki page wil have been born (once you save it).

I'll need to think carefully about what to actually put on my page now...

I will give this a bash as well Ewan.Maybe speak to you about it a bit at the open meeting if I can get there in time.

I have stuck up a page on scotedupedia

Couldnt see a link on the articles page to East Lothian Council or Technical support staff so i dont know where the page will end up.


Belay my last. Found East Lothian.

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