March 15, 2007

This week I have been mostly... podcasting

  Day 51 - ICT Showcase 
  Originally uploaded by Gordon McKinlay.

It's just been one of those things. Monday and Tuesday I taught about a dozen East Lothian teachers the basics of not just using the tool, Garageband or Audacity, but also how to make a radio show sound professional.

The skills they learned seem already to be the kind of thing that is making a difference in their classrooms, with some special charity podcasts taking place tomorrow for Red Nose Day (watch that space ;-).

The help, tips and examples of how to make it sound great are on the eduBuzz support wiki, Podcasting 1 and Podcasting 3 course. In time, the ICT in Education website of Learning and Teaching Scotland will carry some of this but not before more teachers have had a chance to add and alter the content.

I've also been working briefly with the Content Editors at Learning and Teaching Scotland. These are the guys that actually put all our sites together.

We've published text, audio and some video for years now but the soft touch these Content Editors can offer, the easy link they can make between the context of the whole LTS site and the teachers they deal with every day, mean that they are in the best position perhaps to cut, mix and create more audio material for the site. They seemed to not only enjoy what we covered but some certainly saw a role in their work for learning the skills to make more regular audio for the LTS service.

In the meantime, listen to what some 'tired and emotional' East Lothian teachers got up to on their podcasting introduction this week:

Download CharityPodcast.m4a


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