April 17, 2007

100 innovations in 100 days?

100_geek_dinners_v2I was running through some of my management delicious linksthe blog of the CEO of Marriott, the hotel giant. He is the original Bill Marriott, and his last post talks about his excitement at opening 100 hotels in 100 days. Despite being, well, rather elderly, his voice is filled with enthusiasm for this ambitious project. this morning and rediscovered

His blogging of it reminds me of Hugh Macleod and Stormhoek's 100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days of which the edubloggercon unconference TeachMeet06 was part, back in September last year.

The catchiness of the 100 in 100 concept, the unexpected viral nature of this kind of thing once blogged and the talk on leadership in ICT that I'm giving this Thursday are all focussing my mind on things schools could do to ride the wave. Practical things, things that make a difference each and every day in the school, from the moment they are enacted onwards.

What would the chances be, say, of having a school-wide 100 Innovations in 100 Days season? Teachers, students, leaders, parents could all be motivated to come up with innovations to schooling that are easy enough to put into action but which have a long-lasting effect. A blog could be kept with a daily post of "Today's Innovation". In retrospect, the blog is a good way of seeing which innovations stand the test of time.

The idea is stealable, and I think someone, somewhere should go for it. The traction for your school's image on the web will be huge, the potential impact on your school's vibe and innovation priceless. Do let me know if you manage to pull something off.


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