April 20, 2007

A couple of podcasts from this afternoon's sessions

Just some of the podcasts from today's eTwinners. You have been warned! Normally you should only put one audio file per post on the blog so that iTunes can pick up all the audio files. Also, make sure you export to MP3. Today we only had Ogg Vorbis but the geeks will know how to sort outr any troubles listening to them.

Download etwinning_mix.ogg

Download ewans_podcast.ogg

Download blogueursfous.ogg

Download etwin.ogg

Download Experience1.ogg


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I have not had chance to listen to all of them yet but seem really good.

As geek feel my duty to sort mp3 issues out :).

So for your listening pleasure links below link to mp3 versions of the audio.




You're a star, Russell!! The techie hadn't installed LAME so we couldn't convert on the day - who needs to when you have a Russell Dyas on hand. Thanks a million!

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