April 16, 2007

A lesson in how to recharge your iPod

Loadthing These are the kinds of ideas I wish I could come up with every week. Having just spent about £230 on a video iPod there is one moment I hate - recharging it. Because what do you do with your expensive phone, iPod or digital camera when the recharging moment arrives? You lay it on the floor (in the dust) or on the edge of a desk or table (where the wire is waiting to get snagged to drag your beauty off southwards and into pieces). Cue this beautifully designed couch for your electronic rechargibles: LoadThing. It slips around the plug itself and provides a dust-free safe place for your device to lie. Via SwissMiss.


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Looks good - if only it would recharge loads of iPods all at once...

I want a handbag with a little light in it that comes on when you open it up so you can find things. A bit like a fridge door!

I reckon you could make one of those out of card yourself. I think with your past record with Mac's Ewan, all the protection your equipment can get is good news, :-) !

What are they actually made of? Bendy plastic? So cool - and if they only cost about £7 I couldn't be bothered with DIY!

Depends how far off the floor the plug-point is, doesn't it?

Depends how far off the floor the plug-point is, doesn't it?

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