April 17, 2007

Blogging live: these young people's horror

  Graham Holliday and Robin Hamman 
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My pal Robin Hamman, working for BBC Radio 5 Live, has been doing some sterling research into who is blogging from the Virginia Tech campus, including students live blogging, leaving comments on mainstream press to break the story and posting to Flickr, as their horror unfolded.

I never will understand a country which effectively gives is citizens the right to kill others, and these firsthand accounts should make many more ask themselves the same questions.

Robin asks in a later post whether he should have been contacting these bloggers, Flickrers and LiveJournalers for more information in his work as a journalist. I feel that their own firsthand accounts are enough and their way of sharing without having to cope with an invasion from outside. I also think they are superbly powerful at changing more public opinion towards what we all know is common sense.

Update: There are also plenty of legitimate questions about why email, not text messaging, was used to alert these digital native students.


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