April 30, 2007

TeachMeet07 - 3rd Edition of the ScotEduBlogger unconference

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John and I had been swapping some emails last week - we must have been getting the nervous shakes again - to see about getting a third edition of the TeachMeet unconference off the ground. This morning, after one Americano too many, I've clicked together a wee logo and made some edits to the ScotEdublogs wiki pages. We're ready to go for the (now) traditional eLive TeachMeet: TeachMeet07.

You can sign up, offer some suggestions of where, how, with what, about what and at what price (i.e. sponsor us!) over at the ScotEdublogs.org wiki - just click the small 'edit' button at the top of the page to get going. The only thing that is a cert (kind of) is the date: May 23rd, to coincide with the eLive conference.


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A PGCE student at my school down here in London pointed me in the direction of your blog. I've not had a chance to explore yet, but your opening entry makes me feel a little homesick! (I did my PGCE at Moray House.)

I've just started being part of the "Transformation Teachers Programme", run by Haringey LA as part of the Building Schools for the Future initiative. We're trying out a lot of software and hardware to see what works effectively in the classroom, so we can then coach and generally encourage other teachers.

I will add your blog to my bloglist - it looks like there will be loads of ideas here to inspire my colleagues and I! Please feel free to visit our blogs and see what we're doing. And say hello to Edinburgh for me!

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