May 30, 2007

Breaking the digital divide: oldies but goodies

Mum shared this with me. I'm peeing myself in the airport right now. No, I really am. At the same time I am wholly full of admiration for these guys. The oldest singer is 100! Who says there's a digital divide? Watch and enjoy:


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We just got my dad broadband for his 75th birthday - there is a digital divide but it is crossed by many many many phone calls to the help desk (me, my brother and my sister) - caller display has helped fend off some of the calls though

And one of them, Peter aka geriatric1927, is a 79 year old YouTuber. With 42000 subscribers!


They were on Graham Norton recently. One woman was encouraged by Graham to trash the dressing room - she broke a vase and lots of bottles then moved on to smashing the window and the flat-screen TV!

Although the programme itself which ended with the making of this video was heart breaking really. Great series Power to the People, both this programme and last week's on the treatment of war veterans.

I agree with Lynne - I shed a tear when I saw the pride that the soloist (geriatric1927) felt when seeing himself on DVD. Having seen my 95 year old gran pass away shortly after going to a care home I completely identified with the sentiments of this programme. It was like the terribly moving Channel4 documentary last year called "Young @ Heart". Now that WAS an immensely uplifting yet emotional film - especially at the end when an 80 year old man who needs breathing apparatus to stay alive sang a powerful (and oh-so-apt) version of Coldplay's 'Fix You' to honour the memory of 2 choir members that had died the week before. Trust me, that was not at all as CRASS my description makes it sound.

I forgot to post this link - trust me it's just beautiful, should you choose to download the track - I have a tear in my eye now just typing this as I reminisce!

I'm 65 today, the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in 1953. I intend to play a game called "Knock down Ginger" (as we used to call it in my childhood), namely: You knock on someone's door and then run away - just to annoy them. I could never run fast enough as a child. Now I don't need to run as no one will suspect an old man like me!

Happy Birthday, Graham! Hope you've had a great afternoon. I think all teachers must have a bit of the kid in them ;-)

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