May 28, 2007

Coming up this week from Reboot9.0

Reboot9 For years I've wanted to go to the ideas, creativity and technology bash that is Reboot, and this week, on its ninth run, I'll get a chance to participate in some of the most innovative conversations in Europe, and beyond. Have a look around the site and if there is something in particular you would like me to liveblog on let me know here in the comments.

I've found out that there are a few people I know going, some of whom have already been in touch to meet up for a F2F beer, instead of the usual hurried blog comment or email. How did I know they were going? Thanks to Dopplr, a great beta invitation service for those who travel five times or more in the year and want to see who else they might be able to meet up with in place y at time x. If you fit the criteria drop me a line - I've a few invites left.

214 For those not on Dopplr but in Copenhagen between Wednesday lunch and Saturday breakfast, feel free to drop in and take a look at my cool room at the Hotel Fox, a hotel where every one of the 61 rooms is painted differently by one of 21 artists. I'll be in one of the Medium Rooms, with an eye on the Typography one. The hotel was actually designed as part of a promotion of the new Volkswagen Fox, and, with free wifi provided, rooms fall well within budget. I'm hoping for some inspiration in a space like this.

In the next day or so I'll be drawing up a list of what you can expect to see chuntering out of from Denmark. If you're normally just an occasional visitor to the blog I would strongly recommend learning how to subscribe so that you don't miss anything from this inspirational place. You can find out how to subscribe here. If you can't wait that long get a flavour of things to come from Nicole's preconference podcasts.


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I did not pay attentition to the dopplr list yet which is why your name passed my attention but YEAH you are coming. Looking forward seeing you :) :)

You're probably already got this highlighted but love to get an inside look at this:



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