May 22, 2007

DGS: The Digital Grammar School

Firefoxscreensnapz005 Firefoxscreensnapz006 Dunoon Grammar School is where this blogger went to learn the technological ropes. It's a place with a lot to answer for. Hugh O'Donnell, an English teacher from the school (who replaced actually mum), is sharing a session with DigitalKatie to talk about his experiences starting out in SecondLife.

He's in the process of creating an intranet-like secure space in the Teen Grid of SecondLife to see how this rather remote area could benefit from more connectedness through this 3D world. He blogs regularly on the progress of the nascent project, and DigitalKatie will hopefully carry more of her ideas for using SecondLife in every area of the curriculum.

Geography will start out by sculpting the land forms of the island, art will help make the structures look brilliant, other subject areas - all of them - can benefit from the project once the basics are in place.

Since Dunoon is effectively an island, its peninsular layout meaning either a three hour car drive or 20 minute ferry trip, the physical school (on the right, click for a bigger image) resembles the SecondLife school (on the left, click for a bigger image) more than the average SL inhabitants' locations. Does this mean that it may have more chances of success than some of the previous experiments to engage FirstLife inhabitants with the virtual world?

If you're interested in getting a SecondLife environment started for your school or organisation then you should put forward an application to SecondLife Education UK. They are offering a superb package for a year, time to get your teeth into things, but you'd almost certainly stand the best chances of succeeding if you involve your Local Authority IT Coordinator. Collaboration and support from the top are almost essential to make this work (you need to get your IT Support on board to open up ports and so on). It includes:

  • a free land grant;
  • a one off startup grant of $10,000 Linden Dollars.

  • a dedicated and password protected audio channel.

  • access to other island facilities.

  • access to a community of support for the duration of their project.

  • a hosted project weblog


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Good to meet you today - and thanks for the

I'm uploading some of the videos I took - in-world - of our Adult Grid training facilities.

I'm 'Shug Beck' in the Adult Grid, and should be attending the 'Second Life Best Practices in Education' seminar this Friday.

Take Care

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