May 18, 2007

Edinburgh Coffee Morning - flashing 'n' scratching

I almost made it on time this morning to the Edinburgh Coffee Morning at Centotre, George Street. In return for waking up for a super early start I offered myself a bacon ciabatta which, through my Flickr comment stream, I am already informed may be cancerogenous. But, heck, it was damned good.

Fraser of camera and web design expertise recommended that I buy an external flash for cheap off eBay, something like the Nikon SP24, so that I don't keep having to underexpose my shots. That said, iPhoto normally does a grand job at making them look OK.

I wasted at least three minutes staring at Flickrvision, a world map that updates every second or so to show you the latest photo published and where it was published on the globe. I'm sure it'd be useful or at least cool for the entrance to a geography department.

The highlight was having a good play with Scratch, and seeing how wonderful it is for introducing programming to even the youngest of kids or novice affiliate marketers. ;-) Fraser even managed to make a demo/parody for Edinburgh Coffee Morning today.

Mike wasn't able to join us F2F today since he was down in deepest darkest Cornwall, and it seems on my return to the office that we all missed each other for a video call on Skype by about three minutes. Another time. A good few people did manage to get along, though, and confirmed that we might well be having Edinburgh Aperitif Early Evening some time towards the end of June chez Jamie, and end of term party if you will.

See you all there next week!


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Sorry I missed coffee morn, sorry I missed the bacon rolls. sorry I missed the skype call. (note to self, don't go on holiday ever again when there's a Friday in the week!)

Oh well. I'll juts have to console myself by having lunch with the Missus in Padstow today at one of Rick Stein's establishments.

Not forgetting of course to pick up some fresh crab and Rose afterward for our Chilli Crab Linguine tonight.

It's hell down here.

I'm perplexed how I'll also mange to fit in a Cornish pasty today and some clotted cream ice cream.

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

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