May 30, 2007

HotelFox - keeping things human

Hotelfox212 I've ended up in Room 212, the Japanese Garden. It's lovely, a Tokidoki original. Tokidoki's website is fantastic and garish (or fantastically garish?), though this room should provide the relaxation required after 20 hour days of F2F social networking. The theme of Reboot9 being 'Human' I have to say that it is really nice not staying in some swish yet inhuman-unhuman chain hotel for which the Danes are (in)famous:

Re-interpreting tradition. Simone is a great traveller and also loves the nomad life so he is happy to be working on hotel rooms that he himself would like to stay in and hopes too that his guests will wake up in them with a smile in the mornings. “This room is my own interpretation of traditional Japan seen with a modern western eye. I wanted to give a sense of freshness, a contemporary young design style, but minimal and peaceful as in the Japan of the past.”

I've just gone and uploaded some pics to Flickr.


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Am I eagle-eyed on your Flickr Zeitgeist and have noticed that there soon will be the patter of tiny McIntosh feet? If so then my heartiest congratulations to both of you!

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