May 29, 2007

Lego to launch a MMOG

Lego_mmog A MMOG is not something cute that purs, but a Massively Multiplayer Online Game and the staple entertainment of my youth, Lego, are going to be launching one in 2008.

This is great news, especially when you consider how logical and natural the link is between Lego (building stuff, pretending that your Lego world really exists, making characters talk to each other) and online environments and games such as Second Life or World Of Warcraft (building stuff, talking to other characters).

But why, oh why, do we have to wait :-( Lego was that tool of instant gratification. I guess I'll just have to go and build a police station or hospital while I wait...

Update: To keep us going Blethers has described a superb low-tech/non-tech way of getting kids talking and writing better using the traditional Lego brick.


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After observing my new S3s last thing on Friday the learning support teacher felt I'd be better just getting the lego out and letting them play for 45mins since they'd reverted to primary behaviour, so bring it on!

"building stuff, pretending that your Lego world really exists, making characters talk to each other"

I confess to being less excited about what you've described, which I would just call "playing". I can't wait until we have virtual plasticine and online Heads Down Thumbs Up...

I just get excited about playing - maybe I don't make enough time to do it :-)

Ha ha, I recently had a conversation about this with my P6s - I was asking them, When do I get a chance to play? When did your mum and dad last call for their friends to play on bikes or build a den? We're not allowed to!

I used Lego to focus S3s on purposeful talk - sitting back to back; one gave instructions verbally (using the pictorial ones) and the other built the toy (or not, if the instructor was unclear)
BTW - would you like some of the Lego from the loft? ;-)

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