May 10, 2007

Pat Kane on The Play Ethic

  Pat Kane on The Play Ethic 
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The world is small. Even smaller on a web where people network each day. I discovered that my talk-giving partner in crime and co-edublogger David Muir has a wife who teaches Pat Kane's daughter. I have three Pat Kane songs on my iPod. They made me tap my feet and sing out loud on the Underground. I thought no-one would notice. Pat Kane is on the stage now about to expand on some of the Play Ethic manifesto in relation to living and learning "In The Wild".

The reference to his 80s music is not by chance. It was as two brothers in a New York recording studio without enough cash to pay for a horn section that someone introduced them to a sampler. Digital technology that offered something they couldn't otherwise attain.

Nothing has changed in twenty years.

Pat went over a lot more ground than that, but you really should join me in reading The Play Ethic and its blog to get Pat's amazing arguments.


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Small world, I spent a bit of time talking to Pat about blogging on this walk, my daughter and his eldest took us along.

"It's a small world... but I wouldn't like to paint it!"
-- Spike Milligan I think. :-)

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