May 16, 2007

Podium launches in Scotland

This morning I'm taking some time off to share my thoughts on how podcasting et al could make a huge difference in the classroom - and how being able to publish in one click through something like Podium is even more powerful. More links to come later on this post.

For some immediate quick reads ICT Coordinators in schools or Local Authorities might find the safety and responsible use guidelines and permission forms from East Lothian Council handy.

I've already published most of the main links and ideas behind the presentation, and a video of the event is now posted on GoogleVideo or available in very hugh quality from the Podium people.


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Any chance of an Authority licence?

Currently East Lothian is one of the few authorities who might just be ahead of the game - for the moment. With Audacity quickly installed on any computer, and Garageband on all Macs, together with the unlimited storage and bandwidth eduBuzz offers we've got a pretty good free setup at the moment.

However, when Podium launch a) a multi track version of Podium (coming around Christmas time) and then video podcasting in a click I'd be running to get a site licence for every school.

Not my decision, though ;-)

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