May 31, 2007

Reboot9: Mobile social play

Conqwest Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are games played everywhere, off and online. They're great for creating change, subverting the norms, educating on certain themes, or providing easy insight into real complex issues (think the Sims played out for real as a pervasive game). I'm currently planning out some sample ARGs for a few projects I'm involved in - where gaming meets social media. This session's helping join a few of the dots.

Here are four guidelines to help create playable mobile, playful, social games:

  1. Design for different levels of engagement: engaging players gradually helps them engage for longer.
  2. Assign roles to players: make sure that roles are clear to the players, that they know what role they should be assuming and that they switch over occasionally.
  3. Meta-gaming: activities that are not actively playing the game but related to it. Being engrossed in some downtime in the mobile social game, like painting up a costume, helps maintain the enthusiasm in the game
  4. Venues need to be established where players can come together to work out unwritten rules of playing the game (.e.g. There are soccer rules and then street soccer adds to that).

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In light of this post Ewan I *REALLY* think you should look up my good friend (whom I have pointed you to before, most recently after your Samorost post) Bernie De Koven aka Major Fun at his blog/site . He is an inspiration!

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