May 30, 2007

Roll up, roll up! Get your Reboot here!


I'll have visited four countries by mid-afternoon today, starting with the early rise breakfast in Scotland, coffee and cake in England, and journey across Europe's longest tunnel-bridge for lunch in Sweden and back again for tea tonight in Copenhagen. With Reboot9's theme of 'Human' I'm looking forward to chatting to some random tourists, Swedes and Danes about their perspectives on all this technology stuff on their human-ness before meeting up with the PreReBoot crowd tonight to start having conversations around a really profound and broad theme.

If you are around in Copenhagen from 5pm and want to meet up give me a call or text: +44 793 234 3188. I'll be staying at the Hotel Fox.

I've now been bullied by Mayfield (Antony, not Ross) into holding a conversation on the Citizens of the Future although, in a hasty clicking too fast moment, I managed to delete my original entry which had about a dozen interested conversers on it - if you were one of them you might want to go an re-register your interest in my wee session. I hope to see a few folk there!

As for other things which catch my interest, and this is just on Day One:

I dare say that there will be more conversations added which might catch my eye, but this, folks, is what you've got coming to your aggregator soon. If you would like to make sure that you don't miss a post tomorrow then don't forget to learn how to subscribe for free to


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