May 08, 2007

Smooth moblogging of a school trip

Firefoxscreensnapz001_2 John Johnston and his students are doing some of the smoothest, most regularly updated school trip moblogging I've ever seen with their fantastic new phone (they've been using all sorts of portable devices recently).

Do go along to their travelog and leave a comment or question on their trip to the Netherlands. Not a flat bit of writing to be seen ;-)


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Hi Ewan - John's moblog posting and particularly the comments from friends and parents to the pupils shows the amazing scope of this technology - when in the correct hands!!! In Wales at the moment there is a huge -ish depbate going on as teenagers are posting mobile phone videos of dubious activities to youtube et al - we will have to beware of the 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater' kneejerk reaction here in Wales anyway - more power to John J
p.s. are you going to the E-twinning event in Nottingham in June??

Hi Ewan,
Thanks for the link:-)
Chaotically smooth, watching the wifi popping up all over the place. I've managed to lose an mp3 player with several nice bits of audio. Essential equipment for a school trip that I do not have: 20 pockets!
Seriously the blogging should be helping with the children's appreciation of communication tech and I hope really contributing to the school's community and ethos.

I'll not be going to Nottingham, I'm afraid, but feel that this is one example people like yourself should be shouting about, too. John's done a wonderful job facilitating this.

Really good idea. Can't wait to share it with colleagues in NSW, Australia. Thanks

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