May 01, 2007

Talk Tuesday - Employing the ideas of the employees of the future

Speakers Today's talk down at Redhouse Lane went down well with the varied group of public service, Whitehall and private enterprises that were curious to see what the millennial kids entering their workplaces soon would be able to bring. I'm pretty shattered after some restless nights and the onset of a cold but I wanted to post some immediate links to keep people busy for the rest of the week.

I'm also taking final orders on a possible charity to benefit from the £150 donation Redhouse will make on my behalf to an educational charity. Get voting by leaving a comment on my previous post.

Many of the points I made were similar to those given in leadership lectures I've given last month. But the communications professionals there today have nothing to lose (and possibly some gems to find) by having a rummage in my online bookmarks. Choose the tags, or categories, that interest you most. Use the + sign with the second list of categories that appear to hone down your results. Ones I would use: management, marketing...

You get the idea - you need to be part of the live web and the best way to do it is to involve the staff who already know how, which are your youngest and most inexperienced staffers. RedHouse should start by creating a blog for Talk Tuesday because, as of today, my blog's number one for the term "Talk Tuesday" on and my Flickr photos come top on ;-)

Above all, take a look at some of the pitfalls to avoid, some of those examples I drew your attention to of how not to do things.

In the next few weeks, after an entertaining morning spent in Kings Cross Lost Luggage with founder Paul Birch, I will start scanning in the barcodes of good ol' fashioned paper books every communications and education person should have in their summer holiday suitcase.


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Ewan great to meet face face really interesting presentation. You made me rethink and reposition and how I view the world. I thought and I thought I had got my head around the new world. You even made me change my posting style on my blog !

Cheers Andy

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