May 23, 2007

TeachMeet07 Off To A Start!

Iphotoscreensnapz001_2 TeachMeet07 is off to a great start, with about 20 of the most enthusiastic educators of all ages, disciplines, stages and persuasion (Mac and PC) loudly exchanging new ideas, takes on education and technology. We're about to decanter to the restaurant for something a bit more of the decorum to which we are accustomed, but I have to share just one thing.

Do It Be It is a new product and service launched here in Scotland by Louise McDonough. It's a $200 (£99) iPod equivalent (Oscar and I couldn't tell the difference) preloaded with educational content for either students, teachers, golfers... the list goes on. She's in the process of refining the product and has also managed to shift a fair few. If you want to find out more then you should get in touch with her, or even with me, if you want to see what kind of uses it might have. I've put a picture up of what the package looks like (very nice...)


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That 'Very nice' at the end.....hmmm
I could help hearing that in a Borat voice and actually seeing David in left of the pic I may not be too far wrong.
Sounds like it was another great sharing of ideas. I am only jealous here.

Sore heads this morning - well, in the East, at least - but a great night again. I only wish I had been able to get some more tricks and share some new ones I had just picked up on. Another time...

Is it just me, or does the picture look as if i've punched through David Muir's chest, to the delight of John Johnston? It's David's death grimace that makes it.

Now I *hadn't* noticed that. Does that say that I'm not observant or that you've got something on your mind... ;-) Great meeting you last night, even though it was brief. Will have to pop through some time or catch up in Central station when we're working West.

LOL. Not at all. Was a pleasure to see David again. (no, seriously)

Great to meet you also. Thought TeachMeet was a fabulous success.

Hi Ewan,
Great night, lots of good conversations, some great ideas. I think the most informal meet yet;-)
The only disappointment was it was not long enough to steal ideas from everyone.

I was hoping to pick your brains too John. One big table next time eh? There was talk of an Argyll Blogmeet some time ago. What are the chances of doing that before August Ewan? As a newbie I'd have liked more introductions, because I missed out on talking to some whom I read, maybe because I spent so much time walking down the Cowgate. Wish I had printed that map.:-) Some nice Flicker pics..remembering previous..did we get yet another side to Andrew?

Thank you for the link to the iPod equivalent...will look it up.

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