June 22, 2007

Beer 2.0.1 - One success down, one to go

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Seriously. If you weren't able to make it along last night to Beer 2.0.1 you need to make it along to Beer 2.0.2 next Thursday, 28th June. We had a hoot and many a connection was made (and a few deals done, too). Above all, it was nice to make some new friends and catch up with Coffee Morningers without so many bleary eyes.

There are some great Photobooth captures from the evening.

Thanks to Mike C. and the Whitespacers for bringing together the beer and the space (and thanks to Belhaven for the nectar). Jamie was a star, too, with his meatballs, tapas and French bread. Looking forward to next week already!


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Chin chin...birra, beer, cerveza....3.0 ...┬┐para cuando el fabbing cervecero?

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