June 20, 2007

Beer 2.0.1 - Thursday 21st

  Beer 2.0 
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You may be forgiven for thinking that all I do is go to nice parties, but part of my work has also led me to meeting up with some really nice new pals in the Edinburgh creative, design, programming, marketing, communications scene. This crowd, who I meet every Friday morning for an 8am rise, are guys and gals who really get the power of social media for learning, for business, for communication, for having fun.

We're having a party on Thursday 21st called Beer 2.0.1 (there's Beer 2.0.2 next Thursday 28th). If you want to come along and say hi, meet up with some new friends (not of the Facebook variety, but the flesh and bones type) then meet us around 5.30pm in the Whitespace agency, 7-8 Randolph Place, Edinburgh. Belhaven are providing the beer,


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Hi, i came across this blog by accident and really liked it. I will visit it every day...

Keep up with this good job!


Dear Sir,

Re your 'article' of June 20th referring to the Beer 2.01 party.

I MUST protest in the strongest possible terms about your unwarranted implication that this event is not one of the highest integrity and veracity. (Whatever that means.)

I refer of course to your assertion that:

"You may be forgiven for thinking that all I do is go to nice parties," (snip)

The implication being that Beer 2.01 is NOT a nice party.

How dare you Sir.

I am immediately cancelling my subscription to your organ. demand a full apology and retraction and indeed insist that your Web 2.0 epaulettes are stripped from your anorak and your bluetooth, wireless, partial presence sword broken in two in front of the whole of the Coffee Morn regiment.

I remain,

Mke Coultr.

Sry, Mk. Il hd a grt tm at Br2.0.1 & knt w8 fr the nxt 1.

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