June 15, 2007

Beer 2.0 - Twice as good

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Edinburgh Coffee Morning at night time? Yes, it is possible.

This morning the Edinburgh Coffee Morning crowd have decided to put on two Beer 2.0 events, with slabs of ale from our good friends at Belhaven. Come along this Thursday (21st June) and the following Thursday night (28th June) from 5.30pm at Whitespace in the West End of Edinburgh, near Haymarket station [map] - just in time for leaving school or the office.

If you want to make it along and meet some interesting people into how new technology makes a difference in our lives, in business and in education then please just leave a comment on the blog here with the day(s) you want to come along. Hope to see you there!

Update: Mike's got more precise details here.


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Beer 2.0 logo's anyone?

Ewan,you mention the 5.30 start is just in time for people leaving school or the office. The former, I am assuming, refers to adults working in education, rather than pupils?


Just wonderin'


Hi Ewan, I'lll be free for the 28th June Beer 2.0 so hope to see you there/then.

Ewan this sounds great I would like to come along on the 21st. I am enthusiastic about the use of new technology (in PE in particular) and keen to develop this further. I am relatively inexperienced is this an appropriate forum for me to come to?

Iain Stanger

Absolutely - everyone's welcome. Can you bring a dancemat, too? ;-) (Actually, kind of a genuine question!)

I will ask Derek Roberston if I can borrow one. Though I am not sure if they are all out at schools at the moment.


Hope to make the 28th, but very busy that week!

Hi Ewan,

I'm looking forward to meeting you and the other coffee morningers on Thursday.

Cheers for the kind offer.

I'll be popping along on the 28th Ewan. Are you going to just one or both!!


I'll be at both - should be cracking!

I'll be there on the 28th :)

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