June 24, 2007

Blogging's not just for Granddads

That's my favourite quote from the video that launches YouTube UK, from a grandfather whose been quite well known on the main YouTube site. If only the vast majority of teachers had the attitude that new technology wasn't just for granddads, but for them and their young people, too, then we'd all be understanding each other that little bit better. Why are self confidence, self esteem and expectations of oneself often so low?

Fact is, most teachers are brilliant at seeing the potential and having creative ideas for the use of new technology in the classroom. They just don't know it as they think things through. Based on this gent's take on life and the clear advantage his attitude has brought him, if there's one piece of vocabulary I'm going to start banning in my training sessions it  might just be: "Yes, but..." (Thanks, Euan)

Update: Facebook's also not just for Granddads.


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