June 06, 2007

Do you travel? Want to connect?


Want a free invite to the Private Beta of Dopplr? Leave me a comment here and it's yours.

Dopplr is a great service with a beaut of an interface which I've been using for about six weeks now to keep track of where my mates around the world are in relation to me. It's already meant some nice linkups in Copenhagen and I can get started preparing some wee face-t0-faces with (until now) online only friends.

You simply put in where you live and then add all the trips you're planning away from home. Second, hook up with me and any of your other friends who are on it. If one of your trips matches up with mine, or if I'm visiting your home town, Dopplr will tell both of us. Cue beers, sharing, handshakes, twigglets...

I've now been gifted unlimited invites to give away so, if you know me, leave a comment (make sure you fill in the email field) and I'll send you an invite to join the Private Beta. Even if you don't travel "five or more times a year" yourself, it would be cool for me to see if any of my trips this year coincide with the place you live.


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Hi Ewan,
It was great to meet at Reboot, I loved your talk and just after subscribing to your blog. So for sure if we happen to travel in the place, I'll be happy to share a beer!

Hi Ewan

Good to meet up last month and enjoyed your presentation at 'In the Wild' a few weeks ago. and you posts helped me firm up my notes afterwards. I aim to travel a lot in next 12 months and beer sounds good!

Don't forget to leave an email address in the email address field. Typekey accounts don't reveal this :-(

I would have really enjoyed something like Dopplr when I was travel writing ("it's Tuesday so I must be in Japan blah blah"). All the same it might still be fun for constant trips up and down the road and occasional sorties to Europe. So yes please to one of your invitations, Ewan, if you're so inclined.

Lets have a bash Ewan, been looking at twitter recently for some way to keep up-to-date with co-works down south.

Yes please Ewan! Cheers, Tim

Sounds like a pretty neat thing to try out! I travel a lot so meeting up with people while I'm away would be great.

I'd love an invite to Dopplr. I plan on buying you a beer/wine in Boston. I will need to work on my vocabulary. "Cue beers, sharing, handshakes, twigglets..." Ok, I know most of it but twigglets, chins and others make me seem slow.


would love to take part...

jonsim29 at gmail.com

I'm game for a beer... and if Iget to try some software to get I'm even happier!

CU soon...

Hi Ewan,

If you're down in the West Country (Bristol & Plymouth mainly) it'd be great to meet up.


Yes please Ewan - I suspect at least one of my trips will coincide with you :)

Count me in Ewan!

Tess ;)

Great to meet up with you at Reboot and hoping we can meet up again once or twice in the next six months so yes, please send me an invite.

Well, Ewan, you're a busy man so perhaps this radar thing makes it possible for us to meet again within the next decade or so :)

Ewan, an invite would be great we might even end up meeting somewhere other than my house ;)

Hi Ewan,might have left it a little late but if there is still any left,could i get an invite

Many Thanks

Hi Ewan, that would be great - we're trying to connect up with SL people while we're in the states. Thanks :-)

Hi Ewan, yes to the invite, I've had my eye on this one for a while. Best florian

Hi there Ewan - this looks kind of interesting - I wouldn't mind giving it a try!!! Our paths may then cross at some time - Paul H

Ewan - pretty please :)

any left? Is it better than twitter?

It's completely different to Twitter, since it's only about where you are, not what you're doing. You set things up in advance, too, so you're not always wasting your time away ;-)

I'd love an invite to Dopplr. Thanks!

Greetings Ewan -

Not sure if you are still inviting people to try Dopplr but if you are I would appreciate an invite.

Kind regards,

yes, please ,evan! thanks so much.

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