June 27, 2007

Modern Languages top links... coming soon

Again, not much time in between nattering to all these enthusiastic Welsh people, so the links from both sessions coming on Thursday.


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Ewan, thanks again for a fantastically inspiring discussion, it was great for me a Y3 primary teacher to see how Post 16 colleagues will be using similar tools - the skills that my 7 and 8 year olds will be easily transferrable.... I did mean to ask a similar question to one posed recently by Joe Dale - how do we replicate some of the Scottish successes in Wales and England??? I guess that talking to people like yourself and Haydn Blackley is a good start... if we now know that Glam Uni is a site for using New Tech in Blended Learning and teaching this to the next generation of teachers then we might at last be making progress. Thanks Again Paul

Fantastic talk Ewan. Very inspiring. One complaint though.....the other guy in the seminar never did Bluetooth me the movie!!

Seriously though, I will be taking many of your ideas on board when I start a new position in a school in September.

I will definitely see you around.

Hi Paul,

thanks for the kind words. Yes we have been working to move HE on in Blended Learning for the last few years, and have tried to share it with our colleagues in the other Welsh HEIs.

Now Catherine Naamani is in the post funded by RCT we hope to make a significant impact on the School's sector - in a real sense Ewan gave us a great kick start in that direction yesterday.

Though the work Catherine has already done with colleagues in the Post-16 sector is worth seeing, when the teachers in the pilot stage presented their stuff to other colleagues in the same sector earlier in the year it was well received. A report about that project and the presentations can be accessed at the CELT website

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