June 20, 2007

Policy Unplugged Summer Party - Rock On

  Steve Moore III 
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One of 2006-7's best new friends (he'd be in my MySpace Top Eight) is Steve Moore, the guy who seems to know everyone and who shares my outlook on social media, education and the future. We're lucky to be working on some really cool stuff at Channel 4 this year for that "we don't need no educashun" generation.

At least a dozen times this year has come the fateful phonecall from this Northern Irish enigma:

Steve: Aright, Ewan, Howya?...
Ewan: I'm doing al....
S: Now, I'm just trying to get together some interesting collaboratives for the next unconference I'm doing and was wondering how you're fixed for [fill in date here]. Wonderful people, good connections, lots to be learnt, there, y'know
E: Well, I seem to be free
S: Fantastic, just fantastic. That's really fantastic. I'll email you the details rightaway, OK?
E: Yeah. That's great... Are you there Steve...?
S: [phone rings out...]

Well, Steve's just sent me the invite to the Summer Party of Policy Unplugged, his supa dupa organisation which "exists to help promote social networking, knowledge generation and sharing, co-creation and the harnessing of collective intelligence within organisations and communities."

Now all that is very exciting for Mrs Edublogger and me, as we hob nob with the creative types in Covent Garden this July 5th, catch up with new friends and Facebook chums from this year and have some good old banter.

But the real excitement has come in seeing who's going to be shaking our cocktails for the night:

Not quite Tom Cruise, but maybe better...


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Hahaha - Steve to a 't' :-)

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