June 04, 2007

Students of the future?

Previewscreensnapz001 Speaking at Reboot9.0 was unexpected, the result of being jollied into things by Antony. This morning I'm presenting more or less the same talk, not to a group of potential employers, but to a group of educators and administrators from across the Further Education sector, at the SFEU.

They, too, are receiving some of these 16 year old new millennial, the ones who want to further their academic or vocational skills before moving into the world of work. I want to challenge them as to what they are going to do to take advantage of the employees and Citizens of the Future, with the enviably employable skills they do possess but which, I'm guessing, are not being harnessed 100%.

"Be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions" - this is the opening line of the conference, and it's making me feel quite at home ;-)

So how does creative use of new and emerging technologies link into employablity? Positive attitude and behaviour Pervasive ICT - it's not just the nightly news, you can get your information from the blogopodoswikisphere Literacy Working with others I can see all of this linking in perfectly to what new and social media can offer. The real meat will come out this afternoon in our roundtable discussions, I'm sure.

Read the notes from my talk and the roundtable discussion.


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Hi Ewan

Really enjoyed the presentation yesterday - nice to meet a kindred spirit. Thought the presentation mirrored the message - though provoking, engaging and collaborative

Many thanks

Your blog is great read. Have you written on virtual world or to be specific, secondlife and education?

I've written on those things under the gaming category of my blog:

and I have tons of links in my delicious link on SL:

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