June 17, 2007

Top animation tips in Oscar's new Scrapblog

I was talking to Scrapblog's Alex de Carvalho at the beginning of the month about how Scrapblog is really the perfect blogging tool for those who might be working with more 'visual' matter. I had early years kids in mind when I was saying this but it's the rather more mature [sorry! ;-] Oscar Stringer who's come up with the most impressive edu-use of Scrapblog I've seen so far.

Just finished off today, this animator extraordinaire shares some of his top animation tips and some video from recent work in the eTwinning programme in his Animation for Education Scrapblog. If you want a bullet point list of some of these you'll find them in some of the animation posts I've liveblogged here and here while at Oscar's sessions this year.

And if you really want to learn how to animate with your kids do try to get your school or Local Authority to get Oscar along for a day or two. He's worth every penny for getting your staff and students motivated and equipped for animation for years to come.


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I'm the technology coordinator for the Upper School at a private K12 school in St Louis MO. I'm fortunate to have a faculty willing to try things and we have had good luck with Web 2.0.

We used scrapblog for a foreign language assignment. Kids put together a scrapblog on immigration in spanish (it was for spanish class) and were also forced to comment on each other's scrapblogs. The commenting was a great feature.

Here is an example of a good one..

the entire class set of links is here (on a pages.google.com page):

We are looking at VoiceThread for more porjects like this.

Really enjoy reading your blog!

Thanks so much for sharing your links. If you spot any more please do share them. I know the Scrapblog guys will appreciate it!

It was great meeting you as well, Ewan! I enjoyed your presentation at Reboot.

Thanks for starting this thread, we're very excited about the use of Scrapblog in the classroom and for school projects. The link you provided as well as those provided by the above commenter are great examples.

I hope to see you in South Florida soon!

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