June 16, 2007

What we'd hope education would look like

Img_6680 When I was putting together the programme for Stephen Heppell's day visit on Wednesday I was relying on a great extent on two things: what I had seen going on directly through teacher and class blogs from particular schools in the eduBuzz network, and what 'amplifiers' (such as colleagues in the ICT Team and bloggers in other schools) would hint at seeing.

This makes you nervous, because we've all seen the effects of more hype than substance that can sometimes accompany the over zealous blogger, and we've all probably missed out on good stuff just because the practitioner isn't shouting about it, or letting the kids show off what they're learning. I was hoping not to fall into either trap. What follows over the next few posts is my own snapshot of the amazing combination of things that we've seen in one day in East Lothian, together with some of my thoughts as to where things might go next. These posts are, for me, a written reminder that in East Lothian it's hard to fall into either trap.


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