July 26, 2007

4am is my new midnight

Is it possible to be jetlagged four days after coming home from Boston, or am I just looking for an excuse for those afternoon naps and desires to sleep on in the morning? Rives has seven minutes of conspiracy theories about why I might be finding 4am such an attractive time to start waking up.


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Excellent! I too had a brief period of 4 a.m. awakenings but relaxed when I realised there was a scientific, nay Darwinian cause underlying it - the adaptive behaviour of seagulls, eschewing fish for the fish supper.

Once again, you've pointed me to treasure trove of interesting ideas and people - thanks. Have you seen Barry Schwartz's "The Paradox of Choice" from the same site?


Sheer brillance, Ewen. Thanks for that. Just the thing to entertain me after a morning of decorating waiting for my gruyuere and leek filo pastry to bake!


Nothing worse than waking at 4.00am and not being able to get back to sleep - knocks me out for the rest of the day!

I subscribe to the TedTalks on iTunes. This is one of the funniest ones I've seen. The research that he had to do and the connections made for that short of a talk are pretty impressive.

I told you - I was jet lagged for 2 weeks after returning from NZ!

They say one day of jet lag for each time zone crossed. Sounds right to me. It's five time zones so you have another day of jet lag ahead.

Start napping and don't stop! If you are not already doing it, start now. It's one of the best things I've gained from fatherhood. Google "napping".

Re Stephen's comment - I had heard that it was a day per time zone going west and a day and a half going east. I thought it was bunkum, but I found there was certainly a difference in my case. I adapted within a couple of days to a 10 hour difference going west. Coming back was a different story - as I mentioned in an earier comment, it took me a couple of weeks!

That sounds about right, Karyn and Stephen. Beginning to live back in the land of the living now :-)

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