July 29, 2007

Baby, Skitch me... forty more times

The nice guys at Skitch have seen the huge interest on my previous posts from people wanting to get their free invites to this superb screen capture tool for Mac from the same company that produce Comic Life. Will has this morning been putting through its paces.

So, for those who are not sat on their aggregators waiting with baited breath for my giveaway posts, I've now got forty invites to hand out to the first forty to comment here.

Bless them, Plasq worried that perhaps people were getting spammed by asking for an invite here. I can reassure you that I, and only I, can see your email address provided you put in your own blog or website address, too. Let the comments begin!


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I would love to get one of your Skitch invites if you still have any left!


Yes please - I signed up with them ages ago but haven't had a direct invite yet.

Would love to receive an invite. Thank you. Greetings from Florida.

I'd love to be included in a Skitch invite.

Margo in VA

I would LOVE a Skitch invite...I watched the videos on myskitch.com and loved Richardson's 15 min. masterpiece! Thanks for the offer!!!

I would appreciate a Skitch invite, Ewan

I'd like an invite please. -- Stephen

I'd like an invite please. Thanks ~jeff

I would like an invite - Thank you!

Ewan, would very much appreciate a Skitch invite.

Thanks again. David

I'd love an invite.

I'd appreciate an invite. Thanks.

Hi Ewan,

Adding my voice to the chorus. ;-) If you still have any skitch invites I'd be much obliged if you passed one my way.


I would appreciate it if you have any left. Thanks so much!

Ewan I would like an invite if you still have some. Don't forget your new Skype friend from BLC here in South Carolina--the one who claimed you were from NZ when in fact you let me know very quickly you are a Scot!

Hi Ewan,

Would love an invite if there are some left. Looking forward to your keynote at Ulearn07 later this year.

Martin, New Zealand

Kia ora Ewan,
I'd love an invite please.


Ewan, I would love an invite. Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you at NECC. Anne Davis is a friend and I found your blog through her blog plus I have encountered you on other blogs....Will, David, Dean...you get the gist!!!! Thanks.



I'd like an invite please Ewan.

Many thanks.

Thanks Ewan!
Look forward to meeting you soon

Hi Ewan,
Would you mind sending me an invite. Thanks,

would love to play with this tool, if you have anymore invites left.

Hi Ewan
Would love an invite. Hope I am in the top 40! Thanks

I would like to try out Skitch as well, if you have any left.


Ewan, if you have any invites to Skitch left, I'd love to get one! Thanks!

I attended one of your sessions in Boston--loved it, although have not thoroughly digested it yet . . . while I work on that, I would love to play with Skitch if you have any left.


Hi Ewan,
Greetings from Manitoba Canada ... I'd love an invite if there are any left.

I'd like an invite please Ewan.

Many thanks.

If there are any left, count me in! Thanks Ewan!

Would love to get a Skitch invite! I've heard such great things about it.

I can't believe I found this before it got to the magic number!
We're delving into a new 'New Technologies' project at a small rural school in New Zealand and promise to put a Skitch to good use as we launch into a canter to get up to speed.

Cheers heaps - that's awesum!!

I would love to get Skitch. Let me know!

Hi Ewan,
I would love an invite if you have any left. Thanks....

Thank you Ewan... I'd love one!


would love an invite if possible -thanks

I would love an invite if any are still available. Thank you.

Ewan, I can't count the comments here, (I tried putting a ruler against the screen, no-go.) Looks like way past 40, I'll just have to play with your skitch at coffee morn and join the queue.

Hi Ewan

Hoping you still have some invites left (or the good people at Skitch feel even more generous and find some more in their kete!) We bit on the bullet 10 years ago and banned clip art at our school, so we are always keen for new ways to be creative with digital art.
ka kite ano

Hi Ewan, If the' nice guys at Skitch' see how quickly forty invites is reached with your blog listeners and decide to give you a few more invites, I would welcome one. thanks! Lorraine

Looks like I'm far too late for this too! If you get any more, I'd love an invite :-)

That's the last one gone, folks. I'll see if any more come around again!

I met Will at a workshop last week and as an educator have be somewhat obsessed of late with all that is new. I'd love to check this out! It looks fantastic!

I can't keep track of how many requested already. It looks like I may be out of luck, if you do have more invites I would love one. Thank you!

Ewan, I have just spent two hours playing with Skitch! Thank you so much for nudging us along. I tried to e-mail you a thank you but could not because I do not have a .mac account. I wanted to share my school blog with you, I am very proud of the growth represented there. I am giving you the general link which opens to the most recent post. These are not as interesting as the year is over. The assignments are located in pages and the entries organized in categories by class. There are a few podcasts of "This I Believe" in the October posts. I am enjoying following your work. Thank you. http://blogs.stjohns.k12.fl.us/hs/bths/orenchuk/

Yes, please, Ewan, if you have any more invitations left!

If you have any more invites I would very much like one. Thanks Ewan.

Invite me,plase.
[email protected]

Hi Ewan,
I'd kind of given up on this, but I've just seen a comment on Paul's Blog that's given me some hope! So if you've got any invites left, I'd love one!

I haven't counted how many requests for invites there are above me, but if it's 39 or less - yes please, Ewan!

Please... please.. invite please ...

is it possible

if there's a slight chance you have any invites left, that would be great. If not, thanks anyway.

I too would like to have a Skitch Invite,

Skitch me!! Por favor!!!

I would also love an invite if you have any more. if you don't, thanks anyway!

Estoy en amorado, illo me gusta mucho grande.

In other words: If you have one left, Skitch me please.

I'd like a Skitch invitation. Thanks.

Am I caller number 40?!

I'd like a Skitch invitation. Thanks

Many thanks

Great blog! If by chance you've got any Skitch invites left, I'd sure love one. Thanks.

if you have one more, I would be interested.

I was getting geared up for the k12 online conference and found this post. Very late, I know, but if possible I would be interested in an invite. Thanks.



I also want a copy of skitch. I just got my first mac and looking for something better than MS paint. Please help.

Well, I guess it`s too late but in case I wrongly counted the number of comments, witch I doubt of :(, there is may be still a chance for me to test Skitch...

Pascal, a french Mac user.

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