July 19, 2007

Managing to blog in one of my own sessions!

Photo_11 Just an example again to show how quickly it is to publish a picture of these wonderful souls who came along to find out about what we're doing in East Lothian.


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Another blog entry during the moment....


With pics too!

Great presentations! I have really been challenged and stretched! Thanks!

You're so fly....



Stop, stop! my brain's on overload! You have truly amazed me today. Just kidding, please, keep feeding my mind!

What a pleasure it was to be in your workshop. I have been reading you on bloglines for a year or so, In your presentationn you go to the heart of the matter of what good teaching is about, tech aside, a real living dialougue with students, teachers, parents ect.... ( ala Martin Buber)
Tech is just a tool, granted a very powerful tool, constantly evolivng in functionality, but by no means a replacement for the substance of teaching. for the dialougue of teaching and learning.

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