July 06, 2007

Remixing it with the kids

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This week down south has been the most hardworking week I've done in a long time, not helped by being ill for the first time in ages. This morning I packed Mrs Edublogger off on the GNER back home while I took the scenic route via Sheffield, to take part in the Showcomotion, the children's media conference.

I'm so glad to be sharing the podium with Mediasnackers' DK once again, my partner in crime from Channel 4's In The Wild a couple of months ago. The way I'm feeling he can carry more than his allotted ten minutes of air time :-)

We're talking about what we see as the gaps between what Childrens' media companies think young people want (i.e. content) and what young people actually want (i.e. to connect and communicate).

But it has been great to be introduced straightaway to some young media producers, pictured, who have been blogging, vlogging and podcasting for the past few days of the conference. They've never met and have bonded through their face-to-face learning of how to produce some great digital products. Their digital snacks will create some new links and opportunities in the future, without a doubt.

I've started uploading some of the pics of what I've been up to this first hectic week of July, between developing some new stuff with Softease, giving an impromptu intervention at the eSkills UK get together, going to the theatre and being amused at how scared the school girls sitting in front of me became while watching The Woman In Black, sitting on my first Channel 4 Media Advisory Board and having lunch on the top of the Trafalgar, Trafalgar Square, while watching the preps for the Tour de France and finally heading out to the summer party that Steve et al were so kind to put on for us (cool video of the bar tenders from Britain's Got Talent).


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It's not just children'S media Companies that make that mistake...

Hope you're feeling better my friend - great to work with you again and thanks for the feature.

For those who want to check out the young 'digital journalists':




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