July 17, 2007

The MET School: Connections and Friendships

The MET School, which is actually a collection of six schools in Providence, Rhode Island, is an inspirational place to learn - and an inspirational place to teach. There will be more posts coming up about the various elements that make up schooling in this innovative, small-school environment, where non more than 120-150 kids are led in groups of 12-17 students by advisors. No 'teachers' in sight.

To whet your appetite, just listen to Lael as she explains how she has gone from high school drop out to a successful graduate of events and sports management interning with the New England Patriots. (Also available in Google Video)



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I am hesitating to even call these schools, maybe more along the lines of learning brokerage houses. I live in a rural area and am finding it difficult imagining what folks here can do demassify the current and massively consolidated system in favor of what The MET School has done although I find it inspiring to try. Thanks for the video, too.

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