July 12, 2007

Want a free invite to screen capture fun with Skitch?

Skitch Skitch is a great tool for screengrabbing and then reusing the material in a simple drag and drop. It's only in Beta at the moment and you need an invite and a Mac to use it.

I've got five free invites to give away to the first five to leave a comment here. If you take an invite, maybe you could come back here to see if anyone over and above those five is needing an invite, and so on...

Update: Forty more available for a limited time here.


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Hi Ewan - would appreciate a copy - developing leaders at NCSL still reflecting on your presentation!

Yes please Ewan.

BTW - all booked up to arrive in Scotland on the 28th. I'll be in touch soon after.

Yes please would love an invite.


Yes, Please!!!

Yes, Please!!!

I am already in a queue waiting for an invite but I love queue jumping. Yes I would love an invite seeing Jeri double clicked!!


Hi Ewan,
Don't know how you get 5 invites and I only got 2, must be trying to tell me something. And obviously your blog is more popular than my flickr stream, as I still have both:
skitch on Flickr - Photo Sharing! after 9 days.
So if you missed Ewan's offer you can still get one or two let me know.

Hi, I would love an invite too if there are any spares going.

Hi all, if anyone gets an invite I would be very grateful.


If anyone has a spare invite, I would be very much obliged. Thanks!

If anyone has a spare invite, I would be very much obliged. Thanks!

I have 2 invites left. Anyone?


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