August 09, 2007

In The Wild @Channel 4: Coming to Glasgow

C4_logo I'm over the moon that Channel 4 have decided to bring the In The Wild event to Glasgow, as a fringe event to this year's Scottish Learning Festival. The last one in London was a huge success, a sell-out, with plenty of folk wishing they had made it. Now's your chance to take part!

The afternoon, on September 19th, is being developed in association with Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Centre for Confidence and Well Being. It runs from 2.30pm-6pm, alongside the Learning Festival on the other side of the River Clyde, and will offer a chance to debate some of the issues surrounding the ways young people interact with new media.

Taking as its starting point the alarming findings of this year’s UNICEF report, which identified young people in the UK as the least happy in the developed world, this event will also explore the riptide of innovation which is transforming how kids engage with the media and the future of education in a world of flux.

The event will also provide a first opportunity to hear about the radical new ideas being developed by Channel 4 Education. 


Featuring a mix of presentations, panel discussions and facilitated conversations this event will conclude with an early evening drinks reception.


Confirmed speakers include

The event will be chaired by Stuart Cosgrove, Channel 4’s Director of Nations and Regions.

It'll be great to see as many readers of as possible. The debates going on here are set to challenge us and set the benchmark high for what organisations like Channel 4 and Learning and Teaching Scotland might do to engage more young people through new media.

You can reserve your place on the In The Wild site and there is, of course, the ubiquitous Facebook event.


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