August 16, 2007

Map of Future Forces Affecting Education

Future_forces_in_education The KnowledgeWorks Foundation and the Institute of the Future have come up with a fascinating interactive map of the future forces affecting education.

It shows the significant overlap between technology and physical community spaces, and their interplay with schools. Clicking on each element reveals more detail and an invitation to a discussion board. A relatively simply but rich visualisation for a complex set of issues and, while it's designed for a US education system, there are valid points for us all. (via Information Aesthetics)


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What a great map. I look forward to having some time to digest it in full. The one thing that I really liked after just a quick glance is that it takes in so many different social factors. The issues of a rise in spirituality or of increased risk for chronic illness are very valid thoughts (threats?)that we often overlook in our zeal to immediately affect teaching and learning with education. Great stuff. Thanks, Ewan.

really a nice....
thanks for post

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